Revision Hip and Knee Replacement

Although hip and knee replacements are among the most successful surgical procedures in medicine, a replacement can fail over time for a host of reasons. These include:

  • Implant wear and/or loosening
  • A fracture
  • Recurrent dislocation or joint instability
  • Reaction to metal ions or an allergy to metal
  • An infection

Revision Replacement Surgery to Relieve Pain and Improve Joint Function

When any of these listed above occur, your doctor may recommend a second operation to replace some of the parts of the original prosthesis. This is what is known as revision hip or knee replacement.

Like a total hip or knee replacement, a revision replacement aims to relieve your pain and improve joint function. However, revision surgery is a more time-consuming and complex procedure that requires extensive planning and specialized tools and implants to ensure a good result.

In some cases, revision surgery involves the replacement of only a few components of the prosthesis. Or, it could require the complete removal and replacement of the entire prosthesis along with the rebuilding of the bone around the hip or knee with a bone graft or metallic bone-substitute components.

Dr. Brett J. Gilbert is specially trained in revision surgery and will work to try and get you back on your feet, moving freely without pain, as swiftly as possible. For more information about revision hip and knee replacement surgery, call our practice at (919) 788-8797 or schedule an appointment online.

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Dr. Gilbert’s goal is to provide compassionate care, technical expertise, and personalized attention to patients with hip or knee issues. In some cases, especially with tough or complicated medical issues, it is a good idea to take a second opinion from more than one surgeon for a better understanding of your diagnosis and treatment options.

Opinion for Hip or Knee Replacement Surgery

As a hip and knee replacement specialist, Dr. Gilbert is available to provide a valuable opinion to help you make clearer decisions about your health.

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