MAKOplasty Robotic-Assisted Joint Replacement

Among the state-of-the-art surgical options offered by Dr. Gilbert for partial knee, total knee, and total hip replacement is MAKOplasty. It’s an FDA-cleared, computer-assisted, three-dimensional planning and guidance tool that allows orthopedic surgeons to develop a preoperative plan for each individual patient, as well as optimize the fit of the joint replacement during the surgery.

MAKOplasty for Partial Knee, Total Knee, and Total Hip Replacement

Take, for example, a knee replacement. A 3D model of the knee is created for the patient using a CT scan. The model is then used to prepare a surgical plan, as well as determine the size and shape of the implant. During the procedure, using the patient-specific plan, the surgeon guides the robotic arm to remove only the diseased bone and implant the replacement prosthesis. Using this method can minimize variability, potentially allowing the replaced joint to work more smoothly and with less wear and tear.

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