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What Can an Orthopedic Doctor Do for Knee Arthritis?

Fri, Apr 15, 2022

From walking to running and bending over to pick something up from the ground, your knees help you stay mobile all day while bearing your weight. However, knee pain and inflammation from arthritis can limit your mobility and greatly interfere with your quality of life.

Of over 100 types of arthritis, osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis by far. A knee injury can put you at risk of developing knee arthritis, but wear-and-tear over time is usually the culprit.

Fortunately, you do not have to live with knee arthritis forever – an orthopedic doctor can help relieve your knee pain and improve your mobility. Let’s talk about what an orthopedic doctor can do for your knee arthritis, and where you can go in Raleigh to see a Duke-trained orthopedist who can help you get back to your active life.

Diagnose Your Type of Arthritis

When you visit your orthopedic doctor with debilitating knee pain, the physician will ask about your medical history and perform a careful physical exam. You may also be asked to have X-rays that will help your orthopedic doctor see your knee condition in detail.

If more information about your knee is needed, or if the doctor wants to look at a specific area of your knee, you may be asked to have an MRI. Lab tests may include blood work or a knee aspiration to help the doctor diagnose the type of arthritis.

Based on your specific symptoms, medical history, physical exam, and any imaging results, your orthopedic doctor will make a diagnosis as to the type of knee arthritis you have. Based on the type of arthritis, the doctor will explain your treatment options.

Treat Your Knee Arthritis

In the most common type of knee arthritis, which is osteoarthritis, your knee cartilage erodes – resulting in pain and inflammation due to bone-on-bone rubbing as you move your knee. Even though there is no specific technology that can put cartilage back in between your bones, there are certain treatment options that can provide relief to your pain and stiffness.

Your treatment options will depend on the progression of your knee arthritis, your overall health, and your preferences. Your orthopedic doctor may recommend an individual treatment or a combination of treatments that work together, such as physician-administered pain relief injections into the knee plus professional physical therapy.

Physical Therapy

Your Raleigh orthopedic doctor will likely recommend physical therapy to strengthen the muscles that support your knee. Physical therapy and specific targeted exercises can greatly improve your knee joint’s flexibility, mobility, strength, endurance, and coordination.

Knee Surgery

Knee surgery is usually recommended when debilitating knee arthritis pain and inflammation persist even after medication, physical therapy, and other conservative treatments do not work. Your orthopedic doctor will probably advise you to consider having either a total knee replacement or a partial knee replacement.

Knee Arthritis Treatment in Raleigh

If you do not want to let your knee pain rule your life any longer and you seek lasting treatment, visit our board-certified orthopedic surgeon Dr. Brett Gilbert. Dr. Gilbert will provide you individualized treatment with his extensive knowledge and years of experience in treating knee conditions, including knee arthritis.

To get outstanding medical treatment for your knee arthritis, call us today at (919) 788-8797 or you can request an appointment with Dr. Gilbert using our appointment request form, or you can self-schedule your appointment here. We look forward to helping you get back to enjoying an active, pain-free lifestyle!

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