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Exploring the Benefits of Knee Replacement

Fri, Aug 11, 2023

Knee replacement, or a total knee arthroplasty, is a surgical procedure recommended by an orthopedic surgeon when conservative treatments like medications, physical therapy, and cortisone injections fail to work or stop working.

A knee replacement involves the removal of the diseased or damaged knee joint surfaces (partial or complete joint) and its replacement with an artificial joint surface or prosthetic that looks and functions like a normal, healthy knee joint, similar to placing a crown on a tooth.

Let’s talk about some potential benefits of knee replacement surgery and where you can go for this surgery in Raleigh.

#1 Pain Relief

Pain relief is the primary goal of knee replacement surgery, which is why many patients with severe pain resulting from damaged joints or diseased soft tissues undergo knee replacement surgery. By replacing the diseased, damaged, or worn-out joint surfaces or entire joint, knee replacement surgery can eliminate the source of pain and provide long-lasting pain relief.

According to an estimate, more than 90% of patients who have knee arthroplasty are happy with the outcome of the procedure. They particularly report pain relief as one of the main reasons for their satisfaction.

#2 Greater Mobility and Range of Motion

Chronic pain in the knee can significantly impact individuals’ mobility, making routine activities such as climbing stairs, walking, or even getting out of a chair difficult and uncomfortable. The knee replacement procedure can restore joint function and significantly improve the mobility and range of motion of the knee.

The range of motion of the treated knee after the surgery can be predicted by the range of motion you have in your knee before your surgical procedure, which is why physical therapy after surgery is important to maximize the movement in your new knee. After the knee replacement procedure, the goal for most patients is to fully straighten the treated knee and bend it sufficiently to climb stairs and get in and out of the car, as well as other higher level physical activities.

#3 Correction of Knee Deformity

In some cases, degenerative conditions like arthritis or knee injuries can cause knees to become misaligned and develop deformities such as knocking or bowing of the knees. By replacing the misaligned and damaged joint with artificial implants, the knee replacement can correct knee deformities and give you a more natural and functional knee joint structure.

#4 Durability

Another significant benefit of knee replacement surgery is the durability of the implants used. The knee prosthetics are durable and long-lasting, allowing patients to enjoy the benefits of the surgery for many years and potentially decades to come.

The expected lifespan of the knee implant is typically estimated to be around 20 years, and current data suggest that as much as 90% of prosthetics used during total knee replacements are still functioning well 20 years after the surgery. Nevertheless, it is important for patients with a knee replacement to follow their knee replacement surgeon’s instructions on post-surgery care, follow-up visits, and any necessary lifestyle modifications to ensure the longevity and optimal functioning of the knee prosthetic.

#5 Improved Quality of Life

Living with chronic knee pain and being unable to move to any degree can really interfere with your active lifestyle. Not only can it prevent you from having a good night’s sleep, but it can also take a significant toll on your mental and emotional health. The goal of knee replacement surgery is to allow you to return to your normal lifestyle without pain and disability, improving your quality of life.

Knee Replacement in Raleigh

If you think knee replacement might be the solution to your knee pain and disability, see our board-certified hip and knee replacement specialist, Dr. Brett Gilbert, for a comprehensive evaluation. Our knee replacement surgeon is uniquely qualified to diagnose your knee pain, recommend the most appropriate course of action, and provide a minimally-invasive solution for your knee replacement surgery.

Our orthopedic surgeon can also perform revision surgeries on your hip and knee if you require these treatments.

To schedule a consultation with our knee replacement surgeon, call us today at (919) 788-8797, fill out our online appointment request form, or you can self-schedule your appointment here.

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