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Differences Between Women’s Knees and Men’s Knees

Fri, May 24, 2019

There are many differences between men and women – some are obvious, some are much less obvious. While you may think that a knee is a knee, they’re actually quite different between the two genders and even between two people of the same gender.

Let’s talk about the many ways in which a typical knee is different between people in general, and between the two genders in particular:

Knee Shapes and Sizes

The size and shape of people’s knees are different between different patients. Plus, sometimes even the right and left knee in the same patient are quite different when comparing them to each other.

This is why it is so wonderful for patients that the sizes and shapes of modern knee prosthetics have become so much more flexible. In prior years, there were only a limited number of shapes and sizes of a knee replacement, so the patient may simply have had to endure an improper fit. Orthopedic surgeons now have many options when performing knee replacement surgeries.

The goal of a knee replacement, besides relieving knee pain caused by arthritis or injury, is to recreate the size and shape of your own knee. The mechanical pieces of a knee replacement come in many sizes, similar to how different shoe sizes are available – as well as different shapes for a left or a right knee, which are mirror images.

How Knees Are Different Between Men and Women

A woman’s knee anatomy tends to be smaller than a man’s knee. The end of the thigh bone in a female is typically more narrow side-to-side, but taller front-to-back. The end of the thighbone in a male is usually much wider and flatter.

Just like you wouldn’t want to wear a pair of shoes that was too small or too big, you wouldn’t want a knee replacement that wasn’t sized appropriately and precisely for you, or it may not function well.

How a Knee Prosthesis Is Made

The following is how an orthopedic surgeon can recreate the precise anatomy of your knee:

  • Careful pre-operative planning from a series of X-rays obtained to plan for your procedure
  • Taking precise measurements during surgery to determine where and how much arthritis or cartilage damage to remove
  • Using special instruments and surgical techniques to correct the alignment of your leg if it is crooked, to maximize flexibility, and to ensure stability and balance of the ligaments in your knee

A better and more accurate foundation of the knee replacement at the time of surgery can maximize the function of a knee replacement and its long-term success.

Orthopedic Surgery in Raleigh

Knee injuries can happen to anyone, at any time. All it takes is the wrong move at the wrong time. Similarly, knee arthritis can happen to all of us as we get older or if we engage in intense sports, with repetitive movements and impact, or running.

If you have a knee issue and it has been troubling you, contact the offices of orthopedic surgeon Dr. Brett Gilbert. Call us today at (919) 788-8797 or you can request an appointment with Dr. Gilbert using our appointment request form, or you can self-schedule your appointment here. Whether you’re a man or a woman, you don’t want to risk worsening a knee injury. We look forward to helping you enjoy the active lifestyle you love!

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